Kristen Cardiasmenos at Little Lous BBQ New Years Eve 2016

Centered in San Francisco CA,  Kristen Cardiasmenos is a fresh and dynamic guitarist who has studied with local giants such as Stevie Gurr(Dr. John) and Garth Webber(Miles Davis). Kristen is very skilled at Funk, Rock, Jazz, Blues, Psychedelic, Latin & many more styles!  Kristen started playing guitar at age 10. Inspired by Jimi Hendrix at an early age, she was quickly drawn to his psychedelic blues sounds. 

Currently, Kristen is working on her next upcoming release which will be an EP with her group, "The Kristen Cardiasmenos Project", (a Psychedelic Rock band in the SF Bay Area)! Their music is inspired by Artists/Genres such as; Jimi Hendrix, PFunk, Funk Jazz, 90's Hiphop, Pink Floyd, Herbie Hancock and many other influences.  They released their debut album, "The  Awakening" in Nov. 2017.  "The Awakening" as well as their upcoming EP release, features all original music written and produced by Kristen. 



Kristen also plays guitar in several other Funk bands in the bay area, including the PFunk tribute band "Purifedment Funkensurance" and "Purple Fox and the Heebie Jeebies".

In 2010, Kristen came into my life a raw but intense artist in the making.  In the subsequent years, she revealed a focus on music that few ive seen have had the courage to undertake.  Her roots are a fusion of '60's Psychedelia, Jazz and Soul.  Kristen's album "The Awakening" reveals an artist who has overcome personal odds to be, like a butterfly, released from her cocoon ready to fly, I always knew she could "be the gig".

Stevie Gurr (Dr. John, Elvin Bishop)

I think that Kristen Cardiasmenos is a bright spot in the crop of young musicians that are coming up right now in 2017.  What is different about her is that she has a strange linkage to the guitar music of the 1960's.  She has told me that she feels she was born in the wrong decade.  She understands rock and blues music in a way that almost none of her contemporaries does!  She has a guitar heart!

Garth Webber (Miles Davis, Robben Ford)

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